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What is organic product ?

The organic product is a quality and safe food from sustainable production.

Agricultural land is the greatest natural wealth of any nation. Earth provides nutrients for plants. Organic matter in the form of humus and billions of microorganisms make the soil vibrant and naturally able to regenerate a long time and provide all the nutrients, macro and trace minerals for the plants.

Modern agriculture uses synthetic chemical compounds on fertilization and plant protection, disturbs the harmonious life of the soil, and the different ways of processing, spoils the structure of the soil that is vulnerable to various types of erosion (wind, water, sun).

In contrast, organic farming provides harmoniously managing nutrients, and the result is delicious, healthy organic product with high nutritional value, rich in macro and microelements and vitamins.
Therefore, regular consumption of organic products contributes to preserving and improving health and preventing diseases.

So, organic products is the result of organic production that takes place using agricultural practices that exclude the use of synthetic - chemical means.

The names "organic," "biological" and "environmentally friendly" are synonyms for labeling of products obtained by methods of organic production. Each country determines one of the names or abbreviation used in practice. In Hungary, Croatia, Spain, Denmark and Sweden have used the term ecological product.

UK, U.S., Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Serbia in legislation and practice use the name organic product , as in Macedonia.

The term biological product is used in Germany, Holland, France, Italy, Portugal and Greece.