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Macedonian Association for Organic Food (MAOF)

organska hranaMacedonian Association for Organic Food (MAOF) is a citizens association whose motto is - Macedonians deserve safe and healthy food.

Objectives and tasks of the organization are producing organic food without using most of conventional pesticides and fertilizers of synthetic origin in Macedonia.

MAOF is non-governmental, non-profitable organization that helps organizing the production and the disposal of organic food and its primary goal is to create national standards for production and disposal of the food that will bear the sign “organic” in Republic of Macedonia.

Producers, distributors, importers and exporters of organic food, scientific institutes and institutions, consulting and other associations included in various subdivisions in the production of food, beverages, vitamins, herbal medicine, food for sportsmen and other supplements that have something in common with the production and consume of organically produced food could be members of MAOF.

MAOF’s primary task is to introduce the potential producers of organic food with the possibilities of how to produce and sell the food labeled as “product of organic origin”. Macedonia has the need to educate active farmers to transfer to organic food production, without fearing that lower returns mean lower incomes. Younger generations, even today’s students in primary and middle school, should be educated from this moment on to accept the farming and the production of food as an honorable and profitable profession, since the “organic” is not a trend but the future of the civilization’s development.

From its very first start MAOF accepts the responsibility to participate, suggest, analyze or criticize the creation of the current and the new laws and regulations for production and disposal of organic food. Pointing to possible faults, neglects and discrepancies with the EU regulations, as well as the help and the support for innovation and adjustment of the Macedonian legislation is considered as everyday and regular obligation of MOAF’s members.

Concrete actions were accomplished by the members of the Association for researching the possibilities and pedologistic (scientific) conditions for organic food production and for establishing the Macedonian possibilities for this kind of production between the domestic producers as well as foreign interested individuals and companies.

Transparent control of the production and disposal of organic food is also organized by MAOF, furthermore scientific researches and education for application and usage of the so called recycle materials for food production are to be organized as well.

The Association works on preserving the soil and the water from chemical and synthetic pollution, securing quality producing potentials for the future generations.

The goal is to provide production of meet, eggs, milk and other kinds of food products of animal origin raised and developed without antibiotics or hormones for faster growth.

Farmers as well as fruit growers should produce organic food without using conventional pesticides and fertilizers of synthetic origin, nor of waste water filtering station materials, or irrigated by sewer or polluted waters. The association throughout its own centers for inspection and certification fights against labeling the food as “organic” whose growth is stimulated by bioengineering or ionic radiation as well.

MAOF triggers and supports bringing measures that provide fair regulative for maintaining healthy diet and environment.

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